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Getting Out of Jeju »

[19 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

With a small number of international flights available from the island, Jeju Life took an opportunity over the 2007 Chuseok holiday to visit Tokyo, Japan, and sketches out the practical considerations of such a trip.
Arriving into Narita Airport after a flight of about two hours will still place you an hour away from the first of the city’s many downtown areas. The fastest way from Terminal One to the centre is to take the Narita Express train service (3,000 Yen or 25,000 Won). Ticket counters are to your left …

Supermarkets & Markets »

[14 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

GREEN VILLAGE (Chorok Maeul) – Organic Supermarket.
Location: Almost opposite Nohyoung Catholic Church, Shin Jeju. There is also a store near the stadium complex in GuJeju. All food and produce is regarded as ‘safe’. Which means it is either low chemical content, zero chemical content, or organic. Range includes fresh fruit and vegetables; ice cream; organic wine; organic coffee; grains; milk, frozen pizza, eggs. and more. All meat is free of antibiotics.