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Bagdad Cafe Indian restaurant, Jeju, South Korea

18 March 2008 7 Comments

Bagdad Cafe Indian restaurant: Good food and good atmosphere
Story and photos by Brian Miller

By now most foreigners in Jeju will be familiar with Bagdad Café. Since opening in 2006, the restaurant has established itself as one of the most popular expat haunts on the island, and has built a reputation for offering authentic Indian cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Bagdad owner and Jeju native Hyun Ju-Roung named the place after a 1987 West German film called Out of Rosenheim, about a group of people whose lives change after connecting in a rundown café in Bagdad, California. The movie was re-released in America a year later as Bagdad Café. The film is one of Hyun’s favourites, and helped to inspire her venture into the restaurant business. She says she wanted her own Bagdad Café to be a place for locals and out-of-towners to meet and connect in friendly surroundings here in Jeju.

Hyun places a strong focus on quality and authenticity. When she needed chefs for her fledging restaurant, she sent her business partner, Sobu, out to India to find them. He visited various restaurants and sampled the food, with a keen focus on excellence and taste. When he found something he liked, he made a visit to the kitchen. Sobu’s search for capable cooks netted him current Bagdad chefs Nandu, Pran and Ram, who were all recruited out of Delhi. To enable them to cook real Indian cuisine here in Korea, Hyun imported tandoor ovens at great expense. Each oven costs 1,700,000 won, with an additional Korean import tax of 600,000 won. As if that weren’t enough, each tandoor oven is made of clay and must be replaced every 18 months. Nevertheless, Hyun says that’s a price she’s willing to pay in order to provide her customers with fresh naan and genuine tandoori style chicken. Other items on the menu, such as fruit, vegetables and chicken, come from farms in Jeju. Lamb is flown in from Seoul, where it’s first imported from Australia and New Zealand.

Though Hyun earned her degree in tourism management, she’s always had an interest in interior design. She took a very hands-on approach to building Bagdad- starting by drawing up plans for the restaurant’s interior. She decorated the restaurant herself and took part in some of the painting. Hyun also created Bagdad’s unique logo and even designed the tables, which were crafted by a company in Seoul before being shipped back to Jeju.

Outside of Bagdad, Hyun has taken a lively role in Jeju’s foreign community. She’s an avid supporter of Jeju’s Ultimate Frisbee team, for whom she designed uniforms. She’s also helping to find accommodations for participants in this year’s annual Ultimate Tournament.

Bagdad Café remains the only place to find authentic Indian cuisine on the island. But Hyun stresses that her restaurant is about more than just great food. She wants Bagdad Café to become your place in Jeju to find good times and good friends. So stop in and visit for coffee or a drink. You can take advantage of the free internet access or simply sit back and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

– Bagdad Cafe is located in the City Hall area of Jeju City.

– Address and telephone number:

대한민국 제주특별자치도 제주시 이도2동 1188-16

– More photographs including food and interiors here.

+ Image courtesy: http://dandyguy.egloos.com/1396199

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  • Dinesh said:

    Can I get the address of the cafe?

  • Tallstone said:

    That sounds fantastic…

    I think I might known the owner from a longer time ago. If she’s the one, than it must be the best place in the world, because her taste for beauty has never been topped so far…

    All the best and happy customers


  • Raj said:

    Pl let me the the adss, contact no, website of the restaurant

  • Jim Saunders (author) said:

    Hi there Raj. Do you read Korean? If so, here is the address (and telephone number). It’s located in the City Hall area of Jeju City, down a back street. Can be a little tough to find it the first few times, but after that it should be okay.

    대한민국 제주특별자치도 제주시 이도2동 1188-16

    Let me know if you need anything else.

  • David Walters said:

    Best foreign restaurant in Korea hands down (mainland included). Atmosphere, food, and customer service is all top notch. If you are visiting the island, it’s a must, and no excuses since it’s a short bus/taxi drive from the airport.

  • Dolphina Slatkin said:

    Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to restaurants, and I must add mine to this blog. I have lived in Jeju for nearly two years, and was taken to Baghdad Cafe shortly after moving to the island.

    I have to say the food was terrible, unimaginative and EXPENSIVE! Everything tasted the same…only the taste of pepper. Too hot, too hot, too hot. No individual or delicate flavors.

    Since I went there to treat one of my Korean students for her birthday and to say thanks for her kindness (she chose the place), I allowed her to order what she wanted and I paid the bill. The food was definitely substandard and expensive. I was only able to eat the nan and some fruit from what we were served. After that “dinner,” I actually had to go someplace else to get food for me cause I left there hungry!

    A much better choice if you want Indian-type food is Rajmahal in Shin-Jeju. Most of their food is also spicy, but it does have flavor. And, there are definitely items without so much spice. Check them out.

  • Dolphina Slatkin said:

    Most every topic draws multiple opinions, and Bagdag Cafe is no exception. A Korean friend chose this restaurant when I invited her for a birthday dinner. What I experienced was not good. The food was over-spiced to such a degree that the only taste it had was pepper. The chicken tasted like the soup tasted like the vegetables. You get my point. And, the course for two persons was expensive. I was only able to eat some of the nan and a yogurt dish with fruit of some sort. After we left that restaurant and my friend went home, I actually went out to another place to get some dinner as I was still hungry, after spending a giant wad of won. Maybe the chefs and menu have changed since the original comments were made. Cause believe me, this place is NOT ALL THAT. Rajmahal in Sin-Jeju is much better…in fact, there’s no contest.

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