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To the Wolof, music is a thing of intense power and meaning. In the past, only wandering musicians known as griots were allowed to perform it. Through their songs they recounted historical events, told stories, transmitted oral traditions and recited poetry. That music was driven by the powerful beat of African drums, which in Wolof culture were played to do everything from casting spells, communicating with other villages and even healing the insane. Though the times have changed, there’s one thing that hasn’t: this music still has the power …

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The world golf spotlight shone briefly on Korea’s largest island in March as the European Tour arrived in Jeju. The biggest tournament in Korea and the fourth largest in Asia, the inaugural Ballantine’s Championship at Pinx Golf Club was sanctioned by the European, Asian and Korean Tours. The Championship was celebrated by the blending of an extremely rare 40 year old Ballantine’s Scotch whiskey. Only eight bottles of the ‘Championship Blend’ exist, with one bottle being sold for $12,888 during a silent auction at the opening ceremony. After presenting …

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[17 Apr 2008 | One Comment | ]

Jutting out of the eastern shore of Jeju Island is a tuff cone, a bowl-like crater, formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions thousands of years ago called Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산 일출봉), or Sunrise Peak in English. It is nicknamed so because the sunrise is such a spectacular sight to see from the top of the peak. It is continuously buzzing with people, as it is a main attraction for residents of Jeju as well as visitors from all over. People come from near and far to hike the cone which is …

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Welcome to Goeunhee Dance school (고은히 댄스 스쿨), a place abuzz with both eager young students and older Ajummas. It’s owned by a lovely charismatic woman bearing the same name. Go Eun Hee has been teaching dance for over twenty years. Three years ago, she decided to start her own school. The three years have been very successful for her, most likely due to her unique dance philosophy and welcoming nature. Go Eun Hee believes that dancing should both be fun and a great way to get …