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[25 May 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

When Gecko’s opened late last year, it was a revelation. It was like being lost in the desert and God pouring manna down from heaven. It was one of the first (another being LaVie) restaurant on the island to offer a menu of genuine Western food in a great, home-style atmosphere. For years, other establishments on Jeju had offered what they claimed was Western or Italian food, but never seemed to get it right. When friends told me about a new place on the island with actual American and …

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[25 May 2008 | 5 Comments | ]
Jimjilbangs and Saunas, Jeju, South Korea.

Jimjilbangs and Saunas on Jeju Island, South Korea
Story by Sara Stillman | Photo – Flickr
After a long winter was almost over, advice from a friend and a visit to a Japanese onsen finally prompted me to check out the world of saunas and jimjilbangs on Jeju. I had been missing my bathtub in Canada and my muscles were sore, but I was feeling a bit shy about getting naked in front of a lot of local strangers. The morning after my first trip to the Deabo Sauna in Sin-Jeju, however, …

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Many visitors and residents of Jeju become enthralled by the natural beauty of this place and so try to capture the island’s essence through the medium of still photography. But most fail to do so, as they are limited by lack of skill and also patience to wait for the “golden light.” However, some succeed in capturing stunning displays of nature where you can almost hear the wind blowing through the tall pampas grass. Such a photographer would be Kim Young Gap.
The history of Kim Young Gap
Kim Young Gap …

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The amateur league baseball season on Jeju has begun and the huge stadium behind the bus terminal in Jeju City is alive with the sounds of the game. However, it’s something you usually don’t hear much of – apart from a circulating rumour that some foreigners are participating on an undetermined day at an undetermined time. Jeju Life managed to track down one of those foreigners, Canadian Troy MacLellan, to find out more.
MacLellan’s history with Baseball
MacLellan‘s first encounters with the league came in October 2007 when …