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25 May 2008 6 Comments

Mr Lee’s Bike Shop: Rentals and Sales
Tourists and Teachers

Story and photos by Joanne Burgess

Gorgeous island paradise is commonly used to describe this heaven of an island on which many of us are lucky enough to call home. Indeed it is, and with so many wonderful sites to explore, there is no better time to get started than when the weather is warming up and the sun is shining bright. That’s right folks—summertime! You can always take one of the gazillion taxis on the island or the crowded bus line to get around, but it’s not nearly as fun as having the wind whipping through your hair and the cool breeze running across your face as you’re zipping down the open road on your very own scooter or motorcycle. But, I don’t have a scooter or motorcycle. There’s a simple solution to your problem. His name is Mr. Sang Jin Lee, and he is one of the Lees you need to know.

Who is Mr Lee?

Meet Mr. Lee, Jejuite and proud owner of Mr. Lee’s Bike Shop in Gu-Jeju. Mr. Lee specializes in motorcycle and scooter rentals, sales, and repairs. He’s fluent in English and just the man you want to visit when looking for a way to get around the island this summer.

From the time he was 20, Mr. Lee’s father was teaching Sang Jin how to repair motorcycles and scooters at his shop in Seogwipo. After learning what he needed to know, Mr. Lee opened his own shop in Jeju City in 1998 because he wanted to further expand the business that his father began. Mr. Lee says that by having shops on both sides of the island, they are better able to provide a valuable service to the entire island.

Since Mr. Lee opened his shop, he has mastered his skills and applied his knowledge to make a name for himself amongst both the local Korean and foreign communities. Motorcycles and scooters have been on sale since the start however, he has only been renting motorized vehicles for the last 4 years. He also only rents to the foreign community, and it has become very popular, especially during summer. To rent a bike, a foreigner only needs an ID card and a passport. The renter must also sign an agreement stating that if involved in an accident, the renter is responsible for paying for all repairs, properties damaged, and/or injuries associated with said such incident. If you are unlucky enough to have the motorized vehicle stolen while it is in your possession, a price for reimbursement to the shop is agreed upon before the contract is signed and dated.

Renting and Buying

Mr. Lee’s shop is opened Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 8PM (Monday through Saturday). Motorcycles and scooters are available for rent by the 1/2 day, day, week, or month. For scooter rentals, prices range from 20,000 won for 12 hours to 250,000 won for the month. Motorcycles start at 30,000 won for 12 hours and are 250,000 won for the month as well. All rentals come with a helmet and a steering lock. If you have never ridden bikes or scooters before, Mr. Lee will teach you how to ride your rental before you leave his shop. In addition, he hands out four pieces of advice for all of his renters: don’t drive on the sidewalk, ALWAYS wear your helmet when riding, be careful, and call if you have any problems.

While renting may be a good idea at first, you may find that you want the thrill of riding a motorbike to be a little more permanent. Mr. Lee also has a wide array of scooters and motorcycles available for sale. His scooters range between 50 and 125cc and cost 1.8 to 2.0M won. Motorcycles are 125cc and up. Prices for used bikes are 600,000+ won and new ones are 2.3M+ won. Can’t find what you want at his shop? It’s not a problem, as Mr. Lee will find or special order any bike or scooter you want. His specialty dealers include Daelim, Hyoseon, Honda, HSIC, and SYM.


Worried about legalities? All of Mr. Lee’s scooters and motorcycles come with the proper set of papers needed to obtain tags and insurance. He will also provide you with details about getting tags and insurance if you need assistance. What about a license? Operators of scooters and motorcycles that are 50cc or less are not required to have a driver’s license to be on the open road. Mr. Lee will, help with the information necessary to acquire your license too. Worried you may die? Yes, this is a possibility. Just remember one very important piece of advice that may save your life when you’re first learning to drive in Korea: Beware of your surroundings and keep in mind that defensive driving is the key to staying safe on the streets.

Maintenance and servicing

If you should decide to buy instead of rent, Mr. Lee also does maintenance and repairs for bikes and scooters. Since he never charges for labour, maintaining a motorized two-wheeler is extremely inexpensive. Mr. Lee recommends regular oil changes every 500 to 700km and only charges 5,000 won for the oil. As a bonus, if your vehicle breaks down in the city, he or his co-worker, Mr. Hwang, will pick it up for free. If you’re in Seogwipo and in need of assistance Sang Jin’s father will be happy to help you transport your vehicle to his shop free of charge as well. If you break down outside of the city, there’s a 10,000 won fee for pickup.

Contacting Mr Lee

Mr. Lee can be reached by phone at 064-758-5296. You can also e-mail him at jejubike@gmail.com. He has a Korean and English website at www.jejubike.co.kr for foreigners who are interested in the services he provides.

The address of the shop is 제주특별자치도 제주시 오라1동 2452번지 (2452 Ora Il Dong).

+ Map Courtesy: jejubike.co.kr

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    […] good place to go to get one is at Mr Lee’s Bike Shop, in Jeju-shi. It’s not far from the airport, so if you copy these directions and phone number […]

  • dannie daquigan said:

    hi mr. lee

    im dannie daquigan from the philippines im here in korea for some bussiness with dong a electric company im planning to buy a daelim bike which is a copy to a honda joker scooter im planning to bring it back to philippines together with the goods that we buy here in on a container i already search it on the internet that cost around 1,760,000 korea won brand new price but i think thats too expensive im not plannig for a new one so that i can get it much cheaper just the second hand its already ok for me and if possible no papers so that i wont pay a tax here in korea cause i wont use it here ill use it in phillipines no papers is no problem with me

    thanks for your time hope you can reply on my concern as soon as possible

    dannie daquigan

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  • Nicole said:

    I happen to have a poor experience with Mr. Lee. I read that he was willing to rent scooters without a license, however I seemed very hesitant to do so. I made a reservation on his website and when I arrived he did not have the kind of bike I requested. After a bit of haggling and offering to go to another shop, we decided to rent 2 scooters instead of the originally planned one (which he did not have). As my husband was loading the bag onto the scooter it tipped, this is due to the sturdy kickstand not being down (he had only had the small kickstand down). We apologized profusely for the scooter falling, and Mr. Lee said it is okay don’t worry. When we returned the bikes 4 days later, we had a 200,0000 won charge for the minor scratches from when the bike tipped at the shop. When we explained the sticky situation about the kickstand he immediately offered to call the police. I would not recommend renting from Mr. Lee to anyone.

  • Derek said:

    Me and my 2 friends rented from mr lee. He speaks good English and is very helpful. Everything went well. We drove around the whole island by scooter in 7 or 8 hours stopping along the way Except one of my friends crashed going around a corner on a wet road. Quite a few parts were cracked as the 125cc scooters we had was mostly made of plastic. When we brought it back Mr. Lee counted to damage. My friend ended up having to pay 500,000won ($475.00). Seeing as the scooter was only worth 600,000, it seemed a bit steep.
    I’m not sure, maybe that’s a normal price for fixing a couple major body parts and maybe 3-5 minor parts. Just my advice is if you rent from him make sure no harm falls on your scooter, cause you’ll pay for it!

  • Daniel said:

    After reading some negative reviews about Mr. Lee’s I scoured the web for an alternative bike shop but found nothing in English. I was even more hesitant after meeting him. He’s nice, but not very businesslike, and I was surprised at all the precautions he took to protect himself, but seemed to not have many policies for customers. For example I asked if I ended up damaging the bike somehow how he would figure out the cost, and he couldn’t say beyond he would figure out a price when he saw the damage. Also, despite asking him numerous times about a reservation over email, when I showed up (in June so not peak season) he said he only had one scooter available which was brand new and without license plates. He said if the police stopped me just to have them call him. Again a strange policy for someone who has his own bases completely covered. I said I’d think about it and ended up calling the tourist bureau to see if they could recommend another store. They recommended Mr. Gang “타잰 바이크” 064-727-8253 http://www.bycrew.co.kr Although you still need an international driver’s permit or Korean license, and he won’t teach you to ride a scooter (both are also true with Mr. Lee despite this post (I believe it’s outdated)), he was very laid back and informative. He speaks English well enough and called a translator only to explain the insurance policy (Mr. Lee had no damage insurance policy, only a policy in case you are hit by another car (that doesn’t flee the scene)). I would highly recommend renting from Mr. Gang, and his prices are lower than Mr. Lee’s.

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