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It is a woman. It can swim and dive very well under the sea. It catches shells, seaweed, and octopi. What is it? You may be thinking a mermaid, but, from the perspective of a Jejuite, it is actually a haenyeo.
Haenyeo is a word that literally means “sea women”. These women dive to catch turban shells, ear shells, and other marine goodies without the aid of underwater breathing apparatuses. They have a very unique job that is native only to Korea and some regions of Japan, though haenyeo originate …

English Speaking Physicians »

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Doctors can be a scary thing to deal with when living in a foreign country. How do you know who to see for what and if they’re any good? Word of mouth has always been a safe method when seeking these individuals, so here are my recommendations of reliable English speaking physicians for you.
1. Dr. Wha Young Chung (정화영)—General Practitioner, Dr. Chung’s Pediatric Clinic
Dr. Chung is actually a pediatrician, but I have been seeing him for over three years as a general practitioner. His bedside manner and …

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There are few countries that can match Korea’s last century of explosive social and economic expansion and modernization. In his pleasantly readable novel The Dawn of Modern Korea, Andrei Lankov covers the recent and tumultuous history of our beloved Korea. Lankov, a Russian educated in Russia, North Korea, South Korea, and Australia, brings a unique perspective to his book, not being Western or Korean, and as a long-time resident of Seoul.
The Korean royalty of the late 1800s was quick and excited to introduce Western influences that came through missionaries …

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Roomine Pension, Jeju, South Korea
Story by David Holmes & Katarina Kuruc | Lead photo: David Holmes
Jeju Life staff writers detail their time at the luxurious Roomine Pension… For more interior and exterior photos click here.
Holmes Said: For all you men looking for a way to both dazzle and inspire the women in your life, I have a secret that is nothing short of extraordinary: ROOMINE. In a place as hotel saturated as Jeju, there are pensions, and then there are PENSIONS. Recently I had the opportunity of discovering …