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[31 Jan 2009 | One Comment | ]
Dutch cycling duo ends marathon trip on Jeju, South Korea

Peter Mak (left) and Karen Van Toor | Credit: David Holmes
Cycling the world, one revolution at a time
Story and photos by David Homles
They cycled nearly 38,000 miles in six years through 38 countries. They survived severe malaria, rampant rats and stone-throwing Africans. But it took the global financial crisis to end the cycling odyssey of Peter Mak and Karen Van Toor. Last stop: Jeju Island.
Mak and Van Toor arrived on Jeju-do via ferry on Oct. 14, the last stop on an epic personal odyssey that was put into motion eight …

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[13 Jan 2009 | No Comment | ]
The man and his mountain, Jeju, South Korea

An Hye-Kyeung (left) translates the words of her father, An Heung-Chean | Credit: Jim Saunders
Mountain climber, artist An Heung-Chean’s passion is on display at a new Jeju-si gallery
Story by Marcie Miller | Photos by Jim Saunders
An Heung-Chean has painted, drawn and sketched the love of his life thousands of times. He has captured her with the morning dawn creeping across her face; with the golden rays of evening caressing her slopes, with clouds spilling over her face like a shy bride’s veil. And always, to him she is beautiful.
She is …

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[7 Jan 2009 | One Comment | ]
Still Crazy About Starcraft, Jeju, South Korea

10-year-old video game is a national fixation in South Korea
Story by Alex Cybulski

Love is like the Protoss, Zerg and Terran duking it out | Credit: KBS Broadcasting
It is not unusual to turn on the television and see this commercial: decked out in matching leather jackets, with clear skin and perfectly groomed hair, a group of teenage boys pose for the camera. Punk pop plays in the background, telling of their youthful virility. Who are these heartthrobs? With their sponsors labeled on their motorcycle jackets ranging from Shinhan Bank to Samsung, …

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[12 Jul 2008 | 13 Comments | ]
The beaches of Jeju island, Jeju, South Korea (제주 해수역장)

The beaches of Jeju Island, South Korea
Story by Henry Gerlits | Lead photo: Jungmun Beach
Are you new to the island, looking forward to dodging the monsoon weather and heading to the beaches this summer? Not sure which beach to check out? Here’s some information that might help get you started.
1. Samyang Beach – Located to the immediate east of Jeju City, this beach is accessible by city bus and is famous for its black sand. The black sand is known for its dermatological properties, and “there …