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[3 Dec 2008 | One Comment | ]

Making mountainous metaphors
Story and photos by Jessica Wallace
Yeongsil was the first trail I climbed. That is, the first trail I climbed on any mountain, ever. I’m from the Canadian prairies – we’re not big on mountains.
I picked Yeongsil because it came highly recommended over Eorimok, boasting valleys to shout into and a view of the city stretching to the ocean, while Eorimok was mostly hidden by forest.
At this point, I’m halfway through my first teaching contract, and I’ve climbed each of these shorter trails a few times. I’m here …

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[12 Jul 2008 | 13 Comments | ]
The beaches of Jeju island, Jeju, South Korea (제주 해수역장)

The beaches of Jeju Island, South Korea
Story by Henry Gerlits | Lead photo: Jungmun Beach
Are you new to the island, looking forward to dodging the monsoon weather and heading to the beaches this summer? Not sure which beach to check out? Here’s some information that might help get you started.
1. Samyang Beach – Located to the immediate east of Jeju City, this beach is accessible by city bus and is famous for its black sand. The black sand is known for its dermatological properties, and “there …

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[12 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]

We’re a little spoiled for choice when it comes to UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites on the island. There is Hallasan National Park, a behemoth of a place that has South Korea’s tallest mountain at 1950 meters high. Sunrise Peak, the strikingly formed tuff cone, sits on the eastern coastal tip at Seongsan. Finally, the kilometre long, subterranean, Manjanggul cave stretches out beneath us that is part of a mysterious – not open to the public – larger tube system. Distinct, unique and downright breathtaking, the sites were …

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[27 Feb 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Pre-dive jitters were setting in as this intrepid reporter stepped off the bus in Seogwipo, but one look at Ralf Deutsch, the owner/operator of Big Blue33, quickly quelled those fears. Ralf’s calming, open manner instils trust – we would be safe under the water with this man. Ralf has run Big Blue33 (so named because Jeju lies on the 33rd parallel) for the past seven seasons; deciding after his contract as German professor at Jeju National University finished, to stay here. So he opened the dive shop.
Why …