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[10 Dec 2007 | One Comment | ]

With established supermarket chains such as Emart and the brand new Sammoo Healand Organic Centre providing broader organic choices, Jeju Life devotes some space to investigating our options on the Island. We profile Greenville Organic Supermarkets.
With three stores dotted across the Island, the Greenville Organic Supermarkets offer relatively convenient places to purchase organic products. Carrying a wide-ranging (though incomplete) inventory there is a good selection with one or two more unique items found stowed away in its recesses. We visited the Nohyeong and Gu-Jeju locations.
The steady …

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[13 Nov 2007 | One Comment | ]

Herb Wellbeing Food; Herb Shop; Herb Farm
Complement a trip to Jeju Do’s oldest fishing and agricultural village by having lunch at the Goldenhill Herb Farm. Gosan Village is only 4.2km away from a delicious ‘pizza size’ Goldenhill Gold Burger.
After visiting the village and taking in the views of the small harbour and, of course, Chagwi Island (beautiful scenery and good fishing), head East. Once you arrive, don’t be put off by the downstairs area too much (they may be in the process of renovating – they may …

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[2 Nov 2007 | One Comment | ]

Small hand-crafted chocolates sit arranged in two stout refrigerated cabinets. An accompanying low light casts an inviting shadow across those on show. And with a little extra luck a chef might have just delivered some fresh from the kitchens below. Owned by a professor at Halla College (who spent time in France learning her trade) JejuChocoart goes some way to satisfying those chocolate cravings.
At JejuChocoart there is no factory production line chocolate – each one that you pop into your mouth has been made by hand on the premises. It’s …