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[17 Apr 2008 | One Comment | ]

Jutting out of the eastern shore of Jeju Island is a tuff cone, a bowl-like crater, formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions thousands of years ago called Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산 일출봉), or Sunrise Peak in English. It is nicknamed so because the sunrise is such a spectacular sight to see from the top of the peak. It is continuously buzzing with people, as it is a main attraction for residents of Jeju as well as visitors from all over. People come from near and far to hike the cone which is …

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[27 Mar 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

There is much hubbub at the Chujado passenger terminal as the 9:30 am Pink Dolphin arrives from Jeju. It is an unusually busy dockside as families reunite and part ways for the Seollal holiday. A collection of fishing boats bob calmly in their places sleeping off their previous night’s work. Across from them a thin strip of storefronts spread around the harbour with an unplanned morass of blue and red-roofed buildings. They give way to steeply rising hills, one of which is the location for Chujado lighthouse, unlit during …

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[27 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

The Pink Dolphin (10,000 won single, one hour) is the fastest way of reaching Chujado and operates from the Jeju City Ferry Terminal daily, though weather conditions do lead to cancellations. It is advisable to take medicine to prevent sea-sickness as the journey is notoriously rough. Medicine is sold in the pharmacy just to the left of the escalators upon reaching the terminal’s second floor. Alternatively, take the larger and slower ferry (8,000 won, two hours), which will provide a much smoother ride. Please check times at the …

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[18 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

Once upon a time in Jeju, there lived a mammoth-sized old maid named Seolmundae who had five hundred sons. As legend has it, Seolmundae was such a large lady that she used Mt. Halla as her pillow when she slept, and her feet reached all the way to Kwantal, a small uninhabited island off of Jeju. One day while cooking a very large pot of rice soup for her many sons, she accidentally fell into her concoction, simmering herself to death. A little while later, the five hundred hungry …