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A small foreigner haunt serving wholesome western food, La Vie provides both good food and atmosphere at very affordable prices.
THE DIRECTIONS: From the Jeju Grand Hotel in Shin Jeju, head east on that same street (towards Gu Jeju). After passing the Sing and Sing bar on your left, turn left and then take your next right (across from the Show Noraebang) and La Vie is a few doors up on the right hand side.
THE FIRST BITE IMPRESSION: Any better and it would be a foodgasm. …

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Dragon’s Head Rock: Yongduam and Yongyeon Pond, Jeju, South Korea

Dragon’s Head Rock: Yongduam and Yongyeon Pond
Story and photos by Dawn Parks
According to some, the 10m high and 30m long volcanic rock formation perched along the ocean side is said to resemble a dragon’s head – a fact which has garnered the formation’s fanciful name of Yongduam; literally, Dragon’s Head Rock. Some say it no longer looks like a dragon, as a portion of the rock fell off during a heavy storm long ago. Others say it no longer looks like it’s perched for flight, as a backdrop of hotels …

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When contemplating a visit to the eastern side of Jeju Island, your thoughts may immediately turn to visions of Sunrise Peak. There is, however, much more to this part of the island than Seongsan Ilchulbong. Jeju’s east coast is quite literally a hub of haenyeo history. Haenyeo (해녀) are the women of Jeju who dive deep into the sea without air tanks to gather seaweed, abalone, and various other types of seafood. There are approximately 5,400 haenyeo working on Jeju Island, and 10% of them live in and around …

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Although Korea is well-known for its kimchi, one skill it has left to master is that of brewing a good beer. When you head to your local Family Mart, you will most certainly find a good selection of Cass, Hite, and OB. If you’re not a beer connoisseur, this may suit you just fine. For others longing for a more palatable brew, this Korean beer will not do. Have no fear, as there is a beer oasis in this Korean desert.
Nestled in the heart of Shin Jeju is a …

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On May 27th, 1952 Cheju Provinical Junior College was established. This institution would later (March 1, 1962) become what it is known today as Cheju National University. Cheju National University boasts three qualities as its primary principles: Truth, Justice and Creativity, all of which combine together to form the university’s motto of “Explore the Universe and Its Creation.” Aside from being Korea’s 5th largest university, with a student population of 10,673, Cheju National also includes 9 colleges, 11 faculties, 24 major options, a university hospital, 46 departments with …