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Korea isn’t generally known as a bastion of multiculturalism, and Jeju-do is one of the last places I’d ever expect to find pretty much anything from Africa, let alone an entire museum devoted to the continent. Yet despite this, it is the location of a Museum of African Art.
When you first see the museum it’s an impressive sight, unlike any other building in Korea. The building’s exterior is modelled on the largest mud brick building in the world, the Djenne Grand Mosque in Mali. It’s a visually interesting building, …

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As I stand watching Cho BeobSeong, I can’t help but admire the sell. From his stall inside the Taewangsashingi drama set he draws over a group of passing tourists with details of a Korean treat – “Crispy Dragon Beard”. A Korean treat that was once popular with the royal courts.
In fourteen twists of his hands, a warmed block of honey mixed with sticky rice turns into thousands of thin, white strands. Wrapping this around a small mixture of roasted coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds it is …

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What visitor to Jeju hasn’t marvelled at the mysteries and origins of Dolhareubang with their big eyes, round bellies, and secretive grins? In my first few weeks walking around the Island, I never felt like I was truly alone – volcanic rock “Grandfather Stones” peeked out of the grass on the side of roads and stood watch at the foot of bridges and doorways.
People believe that Dolhareubang may be gatekeepers protecting Jeju inhabitants from disease, fertility symbols or even tools of propaganda that represented the political power of shamans …

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With established supermarket chains such as Emart and the brand new Sammoo Healand Organic Centre providing broader organic choices, Jeju Life devotes some space to investigating our options on the Island. We profile Greenville Organic Supermarkets.
With three stores dotted across the Island, the Greenville Organic Supermarkets offer relatively convenient places to purchase organic products. Carrying a wide-ranging (though incomplete) inventory there is a good selection with one or two more unique items found stowed away in its recesses. We visited the Nohyeong and Gu-Jeju locations.
The steady …

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Korean drama on a grand scale, “Taewangsasingi”, has been on TV screens since mid September. Starring Korean wave actor Bae Yong-joon as Gwanggaeto the Great (391-413) it follows the life of Gwanggaeto and his reign. A reign that establishes the Goguryeo kingdom as a dominant power on the Korean peninsular. The drama itself is a twenty four part mix of history and fantasy with movie extravagance for the small screen.
Some of the drama’s reported $44 million budget was used to build an impressively sized set out in the Jeju …