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Rock climbing and climbing walls on Jeju
Story and photos by Danielle Mader
Looking for a challenge? Seeking vertical adventure? Then come cram your feet into some tiny little shoes that make your toes feel like they are being squished into your heels, cinch yourself into a “Cadillac” of a harness (which still is a collection of straps that pull your underwear into nether regions) and tie yourself onto a really long rope. After your straps and knots have been checked over by the expert that is belaying you …

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From Jeju City Bus Terminal: Have “Driver’s License Agency” written out in Korean (운전면허시험장: I managed to find it on a bilingual map easily found in any of the tourist booths scattered throughout the island if you can’t read the text here). Once they see it, they’ll sell you a ticket and tell you which gate the bus leaves (probably gate 9). If you show the name to the driver, he’ll even let you know when to get off.
Get off at the stop with a small sign …

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Herb Wellbeing Food; Herb Shop; Herb Farm
Complement a trip to Jeju Do’s oldest fishing and agricultural village by having lunch at the Goldenhill Herb Farm. Gosan Village is only 4.2km away from a delicious ‘pizza size’ Goldenhill Gold Burger.
After visiting the village and taking in the views of the small harbour and, of course, Chagwi Island (beautiful scenery and good fishing), head East. Once you arrive, don’t be put off by the downstairs area too much (they may be in the process of renovating – they may …

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The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum opened on April 24, 2001. Here you can find everything you want to know about Teddy Bears.
It’s not just glass case after glass case with old teddies on display. Hundreds of teddies are dressed up as famous people and scenes from pivotal historical are recreated too.
There are some displays of valuable collections of character bears from years gone by.
The museum is housed in a modern, well-maintained building giving it a pleasant, fun feeling environment. It contains two galleries, gift shop, and a museum …

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Small hand-crafted chocolates sit arranged in two stout refrigerated cabinets. An accompanying low light casts an inviting shadow across those on show. And with a little extra luck a chef might have just delivered some fresh from the kitchens below. Owned by a professor at Halla College (who spent time in France learning her trade) JejuChocoart goes some way to satisfying those chocolate cravings.
At JejuChocoart there is no factory production line chocolate – each one that you pop into your mouth has been made by hand on the premises. It’s …