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Resorts across the world usually provide their guests with a taste of the country’s cultural highlights: you can’t get everywhere within the short time of a stay so bring it within walking distance for guests. The tourists and honeymooners of Jungmun don’t have to go very far for their bit of Korean culture. For example “Viva Jeju: the performance” should give more than a flavour of what’s on offer.
What makes the Cheonjeyeon water falls instantly appealing then is the fact that they’re natural. They were there well before any resort. …

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On the second and seventh date in the month (therefore every five days) a large piece of land close to the airport becomes a deep labyrinth of market stalls. Stretched out under a vast canvas is everything you could associate with your typical market: fruit, vegetables and kitchenware. However this being Korea, there are quite few extra items on sale. Shield your eyes from the glare of the bare light bulbs and step inside.
The predominant item on sale is food – stall upon stall of it. The old ladies always …