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Making mountainous metaphors
Story and photos by Jessica Wallace
Yeongsil was the first trail I climbed. That is, the first trail I climbed on any mountain, ever. I’m from the Canadian prairies – we’re not big on mountains.
I picked Yeongsil because it came highly recommended over Eorimok, boasting valleys to shout into and a view of the city stretching to the ocean, while Eorimok was mostly hidden by forest.
At this point, I’m halfway through my first teaching contract, and I’ve climbed each of these shorter trails a few times. I’m here …

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No oven? No worries. Sweet and spicy chicken pineapple curry could be just the ticket
Story and photos by Breeana Hill
What’s for dinner? It’s a question that we ask ourselves every night. However, when you are in a new country with new surroundings, it can be a little more difficult to answer! Finding certain spices and ingredients can be a chore which will often at times turn people away from cooking. No one wants to go to a million different stores or markets trying to hunt down a specific ingredient just …

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Brian Miller lives and works on Jeju Island, South Korea. These are his images from his life here.
Through them he hopes to share a foreign perspective of life on Jeju.
The gallery includes three distinct and different sections: portrait, sport and micro, totalling nearly fifty two images. Some of which, were over a year in the making.
Jeju’s Haenyeo are a standout theme throughout the gallery that provides an “intimate look at a part of Jeju’s unique culture which is slowing fading into history,” according to Miller.
And of your visit, Miller …

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Off the 1132 highway, a winding coastal road makes for memorable bicycle tour
Story and photo by Marcus KaulbackBeing an English teacher at a hagwon, you don’t get too many holidays. So, when you find yourself being given a full four days off from cultivating future Ban Ki-Moons, you make the most of it. For our summer holiday, my best friend and I thought the choice was never in question: Jeju-do, but with a twist. We were going to spend our days on bicycles and our nights in a tent.

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Decent western food at decent prices
Story and photo by David Holmes
Folks, in Jeju it’s is no secret that American style family restaurants are few and far between. There is unquestionably a culinary void that is often pseudo-serviced by the occasional Western-style Korean restaurants (also known as “fusion cuisine”). You know the scenario: a restaurant looks deceptively good from the outside, but the menu tells a different tale: It speaks of candied yam pizzas, cream cheese stuffed crust, a garnish of sweet pickles and the inexorable side plate of kimchi. Or …