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Bull’s Darts Bar is nestled amongst a cluster of flashy neon lights in the heart of City Hall. This underground establishment was opened in September of 2006 by Go Hun Mi (고훈미). Darts have been a personal interest of hers for many years, and she had a desire to utilize her love of darts to get other women more interested in the sport. She wanted to “gear the bar towards women” because she felt that, while men are the main players of the game, more females could become …

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In 1653, Jeju met its first foreigner. It came in the form of a shipwrecked Dutchman named Hendrick Hamel. The local community must not have liked what they saw, as they immediately shipped Hamel and his crew off the island to live in captivity in Seoul. It took Hamel and a handful of crewmates nearly 13 years to escape.
Nowadays, Jeju is far more hospitable to its foreign guests. The island attracts an eclectic group of foreigners who have come to live here for wildly different reasons. …

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Who says you can’t choose your family? If you’re like me, a fellow pet owner here on Jeju, you understand how important health and happiness are for your furry (or feathery) family members. It’s safe to say that owning and taking good care of a pet anywhere is a huge responsibility; however, it’s even more difficult in a foreign country – not to mention an island where the culture of pet ownership and care hasn’t been cultivated for a long time. I’ve had my puppy, Bubak, for three months …

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Not long before Seoul was to host the 1988 Summer Olympics and, as a result of which by a strange twist of fate, best-selling author Simon Winchester’s newspaper sent him to Korea to find out what he could of the Hermit Kingdom – as very little was known of it at the time.
Using the diary of Hendrick Hamel* as a model, Winchester decides to walk from Moseulpo (모슬포) on Jeju’s southwest coast all the way to Panmunjeom (판문점) at the DMZ.
Winchester is a veteran …

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The next time you find yourself in the mean streets of Seogwipo with a hunger for galbi, be sure to check out these local favorites.
Tong Kun Tong Galbi | 통근통 갈비 | ☺☺☺☺
Tong Kun Tong (or “Spicy’s” as it’s known by area expats) has been a favorite with locals as much for it’s great galbi as for its friendly service. The house specialty is galbi served in a spicy marinade. The owner, Mr. Lee, is always happy to have foreign guests and …